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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'll Christen this posting "Not likely to baptise the parasite."

So the reason for this posting is cuz Rob and I are working on baby making.
I guess we've kinda been doing that for a while, only before we were just running drills. Now its the real thing, I think. You know, provided we trained properly and our junk works right.
We're no longer using this method

Although there was never a third orange balloon in my recollection. Also, there is no "eee er, eee er" squeaky noise. Ok, the balloon animal sex has nothing to do with me and Rob makin' babies, I just think its really freakin funny andw anted to put it in this post.

More on our misadventures to come.
Ha ha, get it?
Too far?


The Beautiful Kind said...

My daughter loves that video.

You should try adding a third, it will get the SPERM WARS going, which increases fertility for everyone.

Or maybe just have some guy in the room lurking around, that may suffice. Put an ad on CL.

OK kidding aside, I went through this and MAN did I get obsessed. It's not fun for the guy, his partner turns into a ruthless sperm vampire.

ppp said...