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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memories, all drunk in the moon-light

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I did a Facebook memory posting. Sounds sappy right? No.

Here are my top ten of the responses, retold from my perspective.

10. (Dribbles) "You chasing me on all fours around Ox's fireplace." I have absolutely no doubt that this is completely true as he has a fireplace in the center of a round room. I also have absolutely no recollection of this.

9. (My brother-Speedmetal) "I guess I have to default to the story of hitting you in the head with a baseball bat. I was trying to learn to swing left handed and when the bat came around, THWOCK, there you were. I thought I crushed your skull or something and was in absolute hysterics. Mom heard the commotion and came out to the backyard. She looked at both of us unable to determine the problem and said, "Which one of you is hurt?""
baseball bat

8. (My cousin) "My 21st birthday." This was the first time she met my husband. We went to a fancy dinner and then my cousin proceeded to drink Rob and me under the table. At a drag show. The main performer had the lumpiest, hairiest, most disturbing, midget-sized boobs. Shim was disturbing like this week's Weirdo. I still hold the mental image of my husband and my angelic cousin bent over the bar, my cousin holding her gorgeous waist-length hair back, in order to pick up a blow job shot in their mouths and down it with the cutie, gay waiter.

7.(homie I met in Chile) I seem to recall that we led a surprise stealth attack on a Chilean stronghold armed only with an arsenal of snowballs." This actually involved us crouched behind a pile of snow, stockpiling snowballs and lobbing them into a hot tub. The military-like language may stem from us passing the poor 18 year old Chilean boys we passed as they attempted to learn to ski down steep terrain with heavy packs on their backs and no instructors. I think I'd known this dude for about 2 days.

6. (PPP) She bet my phone number against our bar tab and beat a 6'something guy in armwrestling. She ordered a round of nasty Tabasco sauce drinks and made the guy pick up the tab. Good times.

5. Erykah Badu brawl. :) While I'm not super proud of this one, its a pretty good and random story. Over time I definitely feel less guilty about punching that girl.

erykah badu lookin tough

4. (The Meghannest) "Put it in my mouth - Utah - on repeat!!!" We drove to Utah for a quick weekend at Alta. We listened to that song all the way there.
When we got there we stayed in the employee dorms and hopped from room to room during a party one night until we ended up in one room waking up cute twin boys and getting them to allow us to play that song while having a grape throwing contest. We aimed for the twins' mouths. We all won.

3. (High school friend) "Summer School, your cats and dogs, cat nip" We were taking a film class and for the final project we decided to focus on voiceover. We went to my house and video taped my cats on catnip and my dogs wandering around trying to get catnip out of their collars. In the voiced over version, the dogs were the pushers and the cats, the strung out drug addicts. During the course of our "work" we tried smoking the catnip out of a homemade pipe made out of aluminum foil and shaped by a pencil. We were fucking stupid. It may or may not have contributed to the fact that when we played the final video in class, the voiceover did not work.

2. "I remember you were jumping up and down doing a ski dance saying "I want it to snow, i want it to snow!" You were in a wedding dress. It was summer." This just makes my heart happy. My wedding was AWESOME!

1. And if this is not just the most telling:
My Mom: "Karin at the communion rail too young to commune, but ready for a blessing from the pastor. Hands folded, angelic face. Coulda sworn she had a halo until we got back to the pew and she walloped her brother. bye bye halo!!"

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ppp said...

I wish I would have been at the Badu brawl. That made me so happy on so many levels...