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Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Quotes!

"I don't believe in a God but I'm almost positive I just shit out the devil."

"I'd much rather haz a swinus infection over beaver fever, ouch"

"You look like a fairy pirate."
"Yeah, I'm shiny and show them where to shoot."

"Do you need to be saved?"
"No I think I'm God"

"K has found another person with the same problem with boxcox- only questions and replies appear to be in French. An interesting challenge..."
""Boxcox" That sounds too personal for FB"
"Ah, not very. 'Boxcox' is willing to share very little with me. I can get a graph but cannot extract the values I need. Stingy jerk!"
"Tell him he better put out or get out."
"EWWWW- do not look up "box cox" on urban dictionary"
"Boxcox - 1 definition - [Oxycontin] that is stored in the vaginal cavity. It may be loose or in a box"

Kid Quotes:

"No, don't put the toothbrush in your privates. Yucky."

"You don't scratch people's faces, you scratch them in other places."

"You're not the boss of me mommy!"
"Yes, I am, cuz I can pick you up and put you where I want you." *Mommy thinks for a moment* (Just out of surgery) "Er... I guess I can have daddy pick you up and put you where I want you."
"Well, I'm the boss of you, because I can have daddy pick YOU up mommy."

These quotes are excerpts that made me laugh out loud on TBK's website. Shhhh, its about sex.

"You know those round spaceship doors that magically materialize and open, but if not activated, resemble an impenetrable wall of steel?
Well, my asshole is like that."

"I felt DRIED up down there, like I had sand in my butt. We had actually tried the lube out earlier for regular pussy sex, and it made me feel like a cunt cactus then, too."

"Second moral of story: Anal beads are the shit! Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean."


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