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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Quotes!

"I don't think I could stab someone. I'm terrible with a capri sun."

"Know who likes to get fisted? Sock puppets."

"The kid called me a racist."
"Just cuz you've got a southern accent doesn't meant you're racist. It just increases the odds."

"YOu guys should totally come listen to my band. Its called "incognito." Its an air band. I play the air triangle."

"using the line..."From the guys who brought you White Chicks" not a good way to promote your movie."

"I'm in love with Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, why couldn't he have been my coach in high school? Oh, wait, I didn't play any sports..."

"I'm so excited. Today's the training where I get to talk about sex and say 'cock' and 'pussy' all day!"

"What a cute baby! Let's go get some cigarettes."

"My 8 yr old daughter just asked me what KFC stood for. I told her. She said, "OH I thought it stood for 'Kill the Fucking Chickens.'""

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