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Friday, June 12, 2009


This was my brother-in-law's "thank you" freestyle rap note to Rob after his awesome fun visit with us last week. He posted it on FB which I think makes it fine for me to then repost on my blog:

"Denver City Pati-hoes on patios sippin libations, Arapa-hoes straight chillin in Arapaho basins.

Frisc-hoes at the Frisco-tek, brecken bitches suckin on my neck.

Summit county breasts of bounty jigglein, hitten moguls, chase'n hot-sexy A-basin slope-locals.

Mountain mamas daughters,firm mountain climbin quads, a Silver thorn in my side hot mountain bitches bods.

I must note,that steamboat has some sweet little things,you can smell the sexy cookin up at strawberry springs.

Royal Moutian view, aquatic bitches sailin lake Dillon,,,the hoes that i saw at the Moose Jaw, near fucken blew out the cellin

Hoes be sad i couldn't stay, but i got no regrets, OK just one,while i had fun i never got to have sex.

Get them summer-thighs-winterized-best-recognize boyieeeeeeeeee!"

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