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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Escalante's in hiding... shhhh Part I

If yous been wondering, I am hiding. Shhhh....

Rob and Karin took me to Utah and as I got closer to my home, I became very homesick. I missed my wives and my prophet. But then those bendejos turned north and I never got to visit my families.

I sought comfort in food

Escalante & raw meat

But that got me in trouble.

Banished, I turned away from the path of righteousness and meat.

escalante in the drinks

I drank and sponsored others' as well.

The path became unclear and before I knew it, I saw death in every corner.

escalante in the drinks

But especially in the upper right hand corner.

I found out what it felt like to be upside down in your mortgage...

Escalante takes a shot

I did things I'm not proud of

Escalante's Utah Shades

That was when I decided it was time to go into hiding. To search out the path of righteousness and meat again.

To be continued...

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