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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Escalante Concedes to Obama

When I woke up en la manana I found this news

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The beloved Animosity Party did not make headlines!

Then I fell over in my tracks when I found this "gop" party had. Why would a party that rhymes with cop and sounds like a toddler noise make news when the powerful Animosity Party did not?

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Did you see all those signs? And not a single Escalante '08!

Further incensed I decided to eat in effigy the man who'd defeated me!

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I realize that I must concede. We must be one nation united under this Obama. We'll be an Obamanation for the next four years, I concede. But I will keep an eye on it.

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And in four years, when the country again comes together to vote on gay rights and savings accounts for school districts, I will eat the eyeballs of anyone who does not vote Escalante 2012!

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Good luck Mr. Obama. If the Great Escalante has anything to say about it, there will be an Animated Animosity Annulment to your plans in 2012!


Go Long said...

I'm not completely sure what all that meant, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

10 for your artistic score.

Anonymous said...

Escalante should watch what he says if he wants to go to the inauguration or the Secret Service will be on his tail!!