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Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to bug your spouse

Think its fun to annoy your husband, wife, boyfriend, girl friend, partner... who am I leaving out? ... whatever. Running out of ideas?

This works especially if your significant other has younger siblings. Take your index finger and wipe it across basically any part of them. They will immediately think of bastard-little-brother wiping a booger on them and freak. Also pushing them over on the bed when they're folding laundry or licking your hand and saying "Oh no, The CLAW" are good activities.

Can you tell I'm a younger sister?

What's wrong with me that I think this is so amusing?

I might mention I started the day today with Rob dancing around elbows out singing through a kazoo at me.

Also in trying to figure out if I should write bugger or booger, I determined the difference. Bugger can be used like "aw did you see that cute little bugger?" or it also means to sodomize. I guess I knew that but never quite put it together that way. So you're dried mucus must be spelled "booger," unless you want it to fuck you through your nose's back door.

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