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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fuck you's: Special Edition

Fuck the real world. I smite you.
Fuck the cat walking on the center of my boob in the middle of the night.
Fuck political ads and their bullshit dramatic, breathy voices.
Fuck pro and anti ballot initiative ads that have NO actual useful information in them. Stop wasting money you fucks!
Fuck gray afternoons that result in NO snow for my ski season. That's right I just called it MY ski season.
Fuck not being able to check my email at work
Fuck drug testing
Fuck drug addicts
Fuck the lumping of all drugs, all drug users, and all drug addicts into one horrible scary evil category.
Fuck periods.
Fuck parents that hit their kids.
Fuck even harder, the fact that some of them don't hit them hard enough to allow us to help. What kinda fucked up...grrrr
Fuck turn signals, just cuz.
Fuck Sarah Palin, in a very uncomfortable place.
Fuck Main Street
Dickslap Wallstreet
Fuck socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else.
Fuck anyone who thought privatizing social security was a good idea, in your FACE!
Fuck payday loan companies
Fuck being wrong
Fcuk shopping (get it?)
Fuck garlic burps
Fuck whoever comes up with sizing for women's clothes, you schizophrenic asshole. No wonder I can't figure out if I'm fat or thin.
Fuck any designer who chooses dry clean only fabrics. Knock that shit off!
Fuck weird Summit County radio stations. How can three stations have found so much just below mediocre music I've never heard before?
Fuck road construction.
Fuck grimy gym floors when you're barefoot.
and fuck skinny people who don't even exercise.

Feel free to add your own fucks to the list. Trust me, you'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

"Fuck Sarah Palin, in a very uncomfortable place."

What, like the back of a Volkswagon?

-Your Brother

PPP said...

I think she meant left nostril

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

I actually have to go with the Mallrats reference. Yeah, someone got it!!!

Gina said...

Fuck the people who support Yes on Prop 8 like the Mormon church, Fresno's plastic mayor and people who don't question their misleading campaign to keep the fight for civil rights in this country from moving forward. Fuck all those people who hate just because.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

AHHHH I have a new one that's bigger than the rest. Fuck the people in Pennsylvania who sent out a flyer targeting African Americans and telling them to Vote on November 5th.

Anonymous said...

and fuck anyone who continues to run campaign adds after today!!