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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesdays' Weirdos: Leg Cast Affectionado

Sometimes I read a site called The Beautiful Kind. Its a sexual blog written by a friend's sister. The blog is very well done, and the subject matter, for me, alternates between a train wreck and masturbation content. I never know what's going to be on there. This last week was fetish week.

Now I HATE feet. I joke that I hate feet so much that I grew this tall to get away from my own. So I read this week often with a tinge of fear I might find details about applesauce covered toes or pudding on someone's soles. In the face of my fears I read on. Instead of toe jerky though, along came a fetish you just couldn't make up. Leg casts. Yup, TBK interviewed a guy with a leg cast fetish.

I'll say that again, a Leg. Cast. Fetish. Earning him this weeks' Wednesday's Weirdo: Leg Cast Affectionado

For more info, head to her website. There's a link above.


Brianne Snow said...

Months ago I stumbled upon The Beautiful Kind. I love her Kiddo section. It is so perfect...and her daughter is brilliant.

Leg cast fetish, huh? I read the interview. That is a little on the strange side. To each his own.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Somehow I'd never noticed the Kiddo section. Its cute.
Talk about a harmless fetish, but yes, strange.
Who I am though? A sexual harassment seminar made me want to be harassed.

The Beautiful Kind said...

Update: I broke my leg and am now in a cast.

Just kidding.

You should get a load of some of the fetishes I've been dealing with lately - serious ball squeezing, drinking pee, and a guy who loves it when a woman stomps on his head until he is black and blue - he is not to be confused with the floorman, who likes women to walk all over him. Literally. And here I thought it was strange that I wanted my butt beat black and blue. Man, that was fun.