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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Escalante's Hiatus a Casa Mitchell/Johnson

After I passed the test of the one called Linnea's: "Tumbling Class," I dedicated the rest of my captivity at the Mitchell/Johnson household to learning about their forms of entertainment.

El Tobagan Gigante!

Escalante goes down the slide

The Teeter Toddler

Escalante on the Teeter Totter

I was disappointed to find this does not have anything to do with toppling a Toddler. Que Lastima!

Never would I have believed a tiny 'girl' would get away with pushing the Great Escalante, but it was muy Fun!

Escalante and Linnea Swing

Me gusta talking basura (trash) on XBox

Escalante playing video games

And my FAVORITE, the BASS!

Escalante Bass hero

The Pointiness of the Great Escalante's Teeth triumph again!

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