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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesdays' Weirdos: 80's Caserocker!

This week's Wednesday Weirdo comes from my training in Denver. She was a caseworker from another county in Colorado with a special look and skills to go with it. In the first minutes of the class each person wrote down a skill/talent/interesting fact. Hers was that she'd been in a band and written copywritten music. She had that 80's brushed-out-curly hair look with wings. Only here's the kicker, while she had drastically bleach-blonde hair, the sidewings had two dark brown spiral curl temple streaks. It was like spiral wormy ribbons sprouting from her temples.
She wasn't just any Social Services Caseworker, she was a Case ROCKER!

1 comment:

Brianne Snow said...

why be a caseworker when you can be a caserocker?!!!