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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesdays' Weirdos: Mean LaQueefa

You may have noticed last time's Friday Quotes had A LOT of queefing references. That is because of this week's Wednesdays' Weirdo: Mean LaQueefa. Mean LaQueefa is a gal I know who is not mean so much as she just has that snotty mean look on her face a lot. You know the look from SNL's TriDelta skit where Melanie Hutsell said "those earrings, like, make your whole head you sparkle" That snotty look.
She also, apparently, has a queefing problem. During a recent "boot camp" workout, she made a "juicy farting noise" and when one of the participants gave her a surprised look, she said, "What? It doesn't smell. I have a queefing problem. I can't help it."


She apparently queefs quite often and is willing to explain that it was not a fart. Which leads to all kinds of questions. We spent an entire evening cracking up discussing them. I'll let you think about them now on your own.

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