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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Quotes!

"You’re like a Post it Note Assassin."

"I kinda like getting rejected. It gives me something to drink at."

"I'm gonna be the cat lady, all old and alone. Only I hate cats, so I'll be worse than the cat lady. I'll be the cat lady with no cats."

"I've been arrested tons of times and I've never had a bad experience."

"You know who is a real maverick? A cat who can flush a toilet. That's loaded w/ maverickness."

"The best thing ever in the world... its theoretical. You know, cuz there's no money in Startrek. Whoopie Goldberg worked in a bar, and she talked to folks, served em drinks. But there was never any money."

"okay, I've been into the whiskey... listening not listenong! whatever. download the shit."

"Yo, it don't matter if you fucked 5,000 girls! You suck a cock once, you a cock-sucker fo' life!"

"Geez karin, why are you so frickin ethical all the time. What are you, like some kind of ethics professor? Look at little miss ethics, hey look at me, I'm all ethical and stuff."

"My goal is to be voted most contentious non profit founder. I plan to get death threats by the time I'm 40. Its good to have goals."

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