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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesdays Weirdos: Anil Reddy

I'm at a Children's Advocacy Center waiting to meet with a guy. We're sitting at this table and I'm doing a crossword when I overhear this man telling a story. A natural eavesdropper, I practiced my talent.

So this guy, right? He hears all about how you can pick up prostitutes on Craigslist, right? Rather than just thinking "That's crazy," like the rest of us, and moving on, he's thinking "that's great." So he decides to look into it. He picks out this one chic on there. He checks day after day, week after week for months! To make sure this broad's legit, right?

He's pretty convinced she's the real deal so he contacts her and sets up her services, if you will.

He shows up and instead of getting laid, two guys show up, beat the shit outa him and rob him.

The story doesn't end there, though. This guy! This guy gets in his car, drives all the way across the city and calls the cops.

Yeah, I know you're thinking what an idiot, you tried to get a prostitute and you're calling the cops now. Buddy, let it go. You got off light. Not this guy, though.

He calls the cops. The cops show up and he tells them the story. The cops are like, Buddy- you were gonna spend the money anyway. But this guy keeps talking.

So it turns out the girl had already turned a few customers that day and was tired or whatever and just didn't feel like working this guy. So she had her buddies show up to tell him no business today.

Yeah, I know its fucked up. But that's not the fucked up part. The dude's name is Anal Ready. A-N-I-L R-E-D-D-Y! No wonder he was going to a prostitute.

At this point, my coworker and I are laughing so hard, I'm SURE he's going to hear us and stop telling the story- knowing that strangers are in the CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTER while he's talking about prostitution. But he doesn't. I missed anything else he said about it.

What I'll say. You can't have a name like Anil Reddy and go to jail. Don't drop the soap, Anil!

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