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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Married to the B version of T pain

Rob and I have been in rare form this evening. He went out and took the top off the '89 4Runner so we could take it 4 wheeling on our camping trip this weekend. I've knocked him over twice on the bed. I forgot how much fun that silly habit is. Makes me giggle every time. He's found a new favorite way to amuse himself. He's been singing "I'm on a boat" while karate chopping himself in the throat in order to sound like T Pain.

Never thought I'd be married to T Pain.
Or cheated on with a mermaid? Where's her vagina exactly?
Oh and Rob also told me that the cat's his soul mate when I asked him for ideas for another way to say "kindred spirits."

He's got flippy floppies for our trip though. Thank goodness.

Oh and I'm not 30 yet, but I will be soon. I'll post pics too.


Lora said...

when I was little, I thought that mermaid vaginas were in their belly button.

bri said...

He has been singing this song at work, too. Just be thankful he hasn't moved on to this one...