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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wrapped up in Iron

Remember the iron mask
stupid movie
didn't touch what I'm thinking
wrapping myself up in rock
first a layer of schist
its sparkle and lightness a sequined dress
after all its a ball I'm going to
have sliding down chutes in
the White River
national forest all around
the schist is pretty
and light
but I'd need a jacket of
iron to protect me
as I bounced my way down
the other rocks and fallen trees
get jealous all trapped in their spots
they throw a spiky elbow
up at passing fish
flay them right open
nourish the stream
so I'd need a helmet
but for my whole body
to ride all the way down
I'd get stuck swirling in a pool
blocked in by a branch and some flow
the sun would glint through the aspens
and off of my pink quartzite ruffles
I'd take in all the lessons the water
at me
all speaking at once, announcing the truths
eventually the water would find its way
through me
pulsing its advice to my core
I'd get splashed out
tossed aside
where my knowledge would sit
glittering its ideas to the earth
water's been everywhere you know
I think as I hike along a path
I love to think of hidden underground streams
that could be flowing yards beneath me
through a labyrinth of pathways
long ago forgot

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cool!! mja