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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday's Weirdo: Our Parents

Last night I had a long talk with an old friend. Apparently her parents or more specifically her mother has gone through drastic changes recently. Her mother has struggled with health problems more than half this girl's life: weight & diabetes, both unregulated.

So I guess recently her mom went into the hospital and long story short, they discovered she did not have diabetes and was improperly medicated. As in she'd been taking Lithium for like 10 years too long and didn't have any issues which would require Lithium.

So her mom got properly medicated and since has gotten out of the recliner and started taking care of herself and doing all kinds of things. Her mom now shops at Old Navy where she can wear a size 8 and goes to baseball games regularly and on and on. Her mom has DRASTICALLY changed and for the better.

Now this is all well and wonderful even. But its weird for my friend. Cuz see for like half this girl's life, her mom has been an unhappy, unhealthy person. And my friend's been coming to grips with it/gotten used to it. And its weird when someone just up and changes.


You are never supposed to change. You do not turn 60. You don't suddenly change your lives and move to Italy or join a commune. You stay the same as you were when we were teenagers. Other people's parents' lives change. Not yours. You are still the first one to rise in my house and always read the paper in the morning and list the contents of the refrigerator to me and do all the parenty things you've always done.
your grown children

I also experienced a drastic change in my parents recently. My parents split before I was in high school and had a tough time getting along. They didn't willfully put me in the middle of their divorce or do anything terrible to each other. But it was generally a guarantee Mom + Dad = Horribly Tense Room that No One Wants to Be In.

This has been going on more than half of my life. When all of a sudden, they rediscover and revive their friendship.

Um scuze me? You're not friends and see above letter to parents.

Making you this week's Wednesday's Weirdo: Our Parents

Ok fine, you can change for the better, just don't expect me to like it. Or at least accept that I'll be weirded out by any changes you make for a while.


bri said...

That is exactly what I tried to tell my mom! You cannot go from a tired, sad, introverted woman to a NUDIST! Who knew sunning her tits would make her happy!!?!
I am linking her to this post.

Anonymous said...

That's no fair. Once upon a time, I remember Karin saying that her dad and I were such good friends that she hoped that one day when we were old and gray, we'd be friends again. Well, it took a long time and some work too in order to get over lots of things. Now that we did, you call us WEIRDOs. Well, I suspect that we are, but not for that reason!
I do promise not to marry him again! 23 years was enough! But I am glad to call him a friend.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

And I remember once upon a time you saying "Life isn't fair." Or maybe it was a lot of onces, Weirdo!