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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Horse Corpse in Compost

I was at a meeting on Thursday where 3 awesome things happened.

1. There’s this dude on the committee who I always listen to and can’t put together what its reminding me of. Finally figured out he sounds EXACTLY like John Wayne. Its really, really funny when he starts a sentence with “Well.” Especially when what he says after the "well" is very unwaynelike.

2. A couple of guys from Buildings and Grounds saw us meeting and knew who every member of the group was. (We were sitting outside.) So he turned the ONE sprinkler on that he knew would hit us.

3. I found out that if you put a dead horse in the landfill compost, in 30 days all that’s left is its femur. In 60 days its gone.

In other news it’s the last day of my 20s today.
You’ve been fucking awesome. Thanks for all the crazy stories and important lessons.. You can keep your heinous hangovers.
Swedish Skier


Lora said...

the 30s are better. at least the first few. I can't vouch for the rest

bri said...

I read the horse compost article in the Summit Daily...I could have lived without reading it. Really.

But happy birthday. Hope you are having fun at the water park...